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Blowdown Vessel

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Blowdown Vessel

Boiler blowdown tanks are used to reduce the pressure and temperature of the blowdown from a boiler. In most states, it is unlawful to discharge blowdown directly into the sewer system. They typically require boiler blowdown to be reduced to a temperature of 60°C at a maximum pressure of 1 bar.

The pressurized design allows for heat recovery with the flash steam discharged to the deaerator, to flash vessel, to effect make-up water tempering.

  • ASME Code section VIII vertical steel Tank designed for 50 psi (1/4” thick min.)
  • National Board registered
  • Structural steel legs
  • Tangential inlet with Wear Plate
  • Baffled vent
  • Outlet dip tube with syphon break
  • Pressure, temperature and sigh gauge connections
  • Inspection openings as follows
  • Regulator bulb tapping

Blowdown from the boiler is received in the upper part of the blowdown tank. Because the tank is vented, or connected to a low pressure header, approximately 30% of the blowdown flashes into steam and flows out the vent. The saturated water that remains falls to the lower half of the tank and forces cold water from the bottom of the tank out the discharge.