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Feed Water Tank (De AeratedType)

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Feed Water Tank (De AeratedType)

The feed tank will be made of Stainless steel 304, 4mm thick and the sides stiffened with vertical channels.

The construction of the feed tank is such that it is “self-supporting”. It can be placed on a solid base or structural steel work of M.S. This base/structure will be properly designed with the main consideration being that it can take the operational weight of the tank and contents.

Carbon steel parts and the base structure steel of the tank will be painted as a protective measure.

The whole tank including the vertical external side stiffeners and inspection opening will be lagged with 50mm thick fibre glass wool in order to conserve heat (with the possible exception of bottom). The inspection opening will be lagged with a removable cover. There will be a drain at a lower level of the tank.

  • Flash condensing de-aerator head is fitted onto the male studs of the connection. It should be fitted with first rubber gasket, the immersion tube, second rubber gasket, mixing unit.
  • Water level gauge is to give a visual indication of tank contents.
  • Dial thermometer is to give visual indication of temperature. The use of a dial thermometer and pocket so that the thermometer can be removed without draining the tank contents.
  • Vacuum breaker will be supplied along with the tank